你是那种喜欢解决问题的有创造力的人吗? UIU’s 市场营销 degree is your pathway to an exciting, challenging and rewarding career. 你将探索消费者行为的人性, conduct m市场 research and understand how to build and sustain relationships that fuel success.


作为伊利诺伊大学市场营销学士学位的学生, you’ll get hands-on experience with many of the research tools and methods that are commonly used in m市场 research today. You’ll also learn from faculty who bring real-world m市场 experience into the classroom. 班级规模很小, 师生比例是12:1, to ensure you have plenty of opportunities for one-on-one time with your professors.





See course descriptions for the classes you need for your 市场营销 degree, 以及任何通识教育要求.


Keep up with your academic program’s registration deadlines, 会议日期, 假期和考试安排.


学位为你从事许多职业做准备, 比如广告总监, 农业综合企业销售专员, 品牌经理, 国际市场总监, 营销总监/经理, 市场研究分析师, 非政府组织/非营利性市场分析师, 公关总监, 销售经理, 社交媒体经理.


DJ O’leary, 19年


我的专业是销售. 我喜欢市场营销在销售中的作用. 我希望在市场营销方面找到一个管理的职位. It will allow me to grow my career and become successful in business.




UIU’s 市场营销 degree includes both descriptive and analytical approaches to m市场. You’ll also gain a comprehensive view of consumer behavior by exploring emotional responses and psychological processes. This degree prepares you for success in all areas of business.

A 市场营销辅修 is also available if you’re interested in the subject but plan to major in another area.


Get the same high-quality m市场 education that you would get from a UIU classroom — at home or in your office. 上爱荷华大学 offers a bachelor of 市场营销 online, as well as in-person and distance learning options to meet your educational needs.


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职业发展机会 & 好处


With a 市场营销 degree, you can find employment within corporations, agencies, nonprofits and more. A bachelor’s degree will prepare you for entry level positions, 但是有了经验, you’ll have opportunities to move into more senior roles. Some job titles that a 市场营销 degree prepares you for include:

  • 广告导演
  • 品牌经理
  • 营销经理
  • 市场研究分析师
  • 公共关系专员
  • 销售经理
  • 社交媒体专家

不知道如何开始找工作? 的 伊利诺伊大学职业发展办公室 提供免费服务,帮助您入门.


Salaries for m市场 professional will vary based on factors like your years of experience, 标题和位置. 然而, 这是美国劳工统计局的数据, 市场营销职业的平均工资包括:

  • 广告经理:133,460美元[1]
  • 市场经理:142,170美元[1]
  • 市场研究分析师:65,810美元[2]
  • 公共关系专家:62,810美元[3]
  • 销售经理:132,290美元[4]


A 市场营销 degree prepares you for success in a variety of industries. 医疗保健领域的公司, 技术, finance and beyond all require m市场 professionals to help them create interest in products and services amongst their clients.

Your 市场营销 degree can also help you find an in-demand job. 这是美国劳工统计局的数据, the job outlook for m市场 managers and market research analysts is expected to grow 10%[1] 和22%[2]分别到2030年.

Getting a graduate degree can help you take your career even further. 伊利诺伊大学工商管理硕士(MBA) is a great option for those who have completed their bachelor’s degree in 市场营销.

学位要求、技能 & 认证


UIU’s curriculum helps you build a strong foundation of m市场 knowledge that you can use every day on the job. You also have the option of completing an internship to gain hands-on experience and help build your resume.


  • 广告与整合营销传播“,
  • 品牌
  • 消费者的行为
  • 全球营销
  • 市场营销研究
  • 社交媒体营销


作为一名现代营销专业人士, you’ll need to think beyond traditional forms of media like print publications. You should have experience with email and digital m市场, 包括为社交媒体平台创建消息. You’ll also need a mix of soft skills and industry knowledge, including:

  • 沟通
  • 创造力
  • 数据分析
  • 项目管理
  • 研究
  • 时间管理
  • 写作


想要根据自己的职业目标定制学位? 考虑添加一个辅音. Some minors typically paired with a 市场营销 degree include:



At UIU, you can complete your bachelor’s degree in 市场营销 in about four years. UIU’s unique course schedule breaks the academic year into four eight-week sessions and one accelerated six-week session. This allows you more time to focus on your courses and balance your academic life with your other commitments. 了解更多关于伊利诺伊大学的课程安排.

如果我想在那里工作,我应该拿到什么学位 M市场? 

如果你对市场营销感兴趣, you need a degree that’s specifically tailored to giving you the foundational knowledge you’ll need on the job. UIU’s 市场营销 degree provides you with the m市场 skills you need to succeed in all areas of business, and the curriculum includes topics like m市场 research, 品牌和社交媒体营销.


是的! 伊利诺伊大学提供在线营销学士学位, as well as in-person options at campuses across the country. 了解更多 在线学习 在UIU.



UIU 市场营销 students have the advantage of focusing on fewer classes at once with the 次安排. Plus, convenient evening or online courses ensure your education fits your unique lifestyle.

的 市场营销 bachelor’s degree program is offered through UIU’s School of Business and Professional Studies.


When you’re ready to apply for your bachelor’s degree in 市场营销, 通博APP下载首页随时准备帮助你的每一步.


获得市场营销本科学位? Consider UIU’s MBA program to advance your career even further.


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